Our slip leads and rope dog leads are popular because they’re lightweight, durable, versatile, and perform extremely well in all weather conditions. Having an all-in-one slip lead and collar combo gives you improved control when walking your dog and can be an excellent training tool. We use soft rope with a bit of give for added comfort, as we always put the happiness and safety of your dog first.

What is a slip lead

A slip lead for dogs is designed to combine the functions of a collar and a lead into one product. It is made from one continuous piece of material, in our case rope, with a loop at one end and a ring at the other. The loop slides through the ring to create a collar-like effect. To ensure the safety of your dog’s neck, the loops on our leads are adjustable and have a stopper which prevents them tightening too much. This can be adjusted to the size of your dog’s neck.

Why use a slip lead

People use slip leads because they are convenient – they’re very easy to take on and off. Used correctly, they can also be a useful training tool as they aid in “checking” by teaching your dog not to pull on the lead. Checking is the gentle tightening or loosening of the collar as your dog adjusts or pulls on the lead.

Why use a rope dog lead

Whilst rope dog leads can offer many of the same things as a traditional dog lead made from nylon or webbing, they have some unique properties which owners and dogs love.


Our line of rope dog leads are made from strong climbing rope making them a great choice for dogs who pull a little harder or like to chew their leads when you’re not looking! This tough and reliable rope can also stand up to all weather conditions.


Rope leads are soft and easy to grip, even with wet hands. At EzyDog we use soft climbing rope which is also less likely to burn your hands if your dog pulls. The thickness of the rope provides a comfortable connection around your dog’s neck.

Easy to Clean

Rope leads can be thrown in the washing machine or easily rinsed off, keeping them clean and hygienic.


Our rope leads come in a range of styles and colours , allowing you to choose one that suits you and your dog's personality.

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