Marine Dog Lead


 A durable rope dog lead and collar combo with a stainless steel, quick release snap. At 170cm and fitted with a sliding silicone stopper, the Marine Leash can be used as a lead or a tethering point.

All-in-one Rope Dog Collar and Lead

This innovative 'all-in-one' dog lead and collar is made from high-quality 9mm climbing rope with a stainless steel, quick-release snap clip for hassle-free use. The 170cm leash features a sliding silicone stopper that converts the bottom section into a training dog collar with slip lead functionality. Perfect for walking and training your dog.

The marine grade snap clip is incredibly strong and durable, with quick-release functionality for easy detachment.

Snap clip dog leash

This 170cm dog leash/collar offers great control and is suitable for quick walks or longer journeys. The sliding silicon stopper allows for quick and gentle corrections during training. Please don't leave any slip collar or leash on a dog that is tied up or unsupervised.

Rope dog lead

The Marine leash is constructed from high-quality 9mm climbing rope with corrosion-resistant 316 Stainless Steel, making it perfect for walks in demanding saltwater environments.


  • 316 Stainless Steel Sailing Snap Clip
  • Quick Release Pin Open/Closure
  • Collar and Leash in One
  • High-Quality Climbing Rope
  • Silicone Stopper with Waste Bag Keeper
  • Can be used as a Slip Lead and Temporary Tether

Looking for a small dog version? Check out the Marine Lite Leash here.

The Marine Leash is 170cm / 67 inches in length.

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