About Us

At EzyDog, it’s not just about creating products that live up to your expectations; it’s also about using materials that stand up to the rigours of daily life for your dog. Our story began in 1995 with a small collective from the water sports industry with a particular interest in creating tough-wearing and long-lasting dog products utilising world-class manufacturing and raw materials.

Our products are rigorously tested for durability, safety and comfort. We are always striving to improve your relationship with your dog through EzyDog. Paying special attention to control and safety, our dog leads, collars and harnesses provide exceptional comfort and custom fit. Letting both you and your dog concentrate on what matters: having everlasting memories in the great outdoors.


Meet the team


Marie is our doggy expert here at EzyDog, if there is a question regarding your pup, she will be able to answer it! When she isn’t measuring dogs all day, Marie is the key to our business relationships with all of our pet shops across the UK, which is more than 200 stores! Events are Marie’s favourite part of her role, she has been the organiser here at EzyDog for the last 6 years.

Marie adores animals, she has three rescue staff crosses named Mia, Kali & Bruce and 4 cat's called Tilly, Beanie, Princess & Floki. Constantly surrounded by her best friends.


Lana is the account manager and oversees everything from customer enquiries to handling company assets. A key role in Lana’s day-to-day is managing all orders by processing them and distributing to our warehouse team. Outside of work Lana is an avid fan of music events with some of her favourite artists being Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard and Dua Lipa, she is also training for a triathlon event next year!

Lana has a golden retriever named Frank who despite his old age of 10, has the mind of a 2 year old puppy and considers himself a zoomie-fanatic. Frank’s claim to fame is when he once stole a lunchtime sandwich from Marie’s bag! It was later discovered that the culprit was indeed Frank!


Talen, or Tal for short, is the digital marketer here at EzyDog UK. He oversees all things online, from social media to website design, nothing gets past his detailed eye. His favourite part of his role is the interaction with you and the whole EzyDog community. Contrary to popular belief, his favourite day is Monday, when he can catch up on all of your lovely photos throughout the weekend.

Talen has a Yorkshire Terrier named William who he has had for over 4 years, an incredibly lively boy whose favourite toy is his toy Shark named Reki.


Denise is the team leader for the warehouse team, who’s role it is to make sure you all receive your EzyDog products, on time, packaged correctly and promptly. When we have mass orders, it is imperative that all of the products are counted and picked for the resulting distributer so that orders are received on the correct timeframe. When Denise isn’t picking orders, she is currently practicing for a local Ping Pong tournament and currently owns the office title of Ping Pong Champion!

Similar to Marie, Denise loves animals, she currently has a Blue Staffordshire Terrier who is 5 years old, that is full of energy and loves being around other people and doggies.

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