Find frequently asked questions about all of our products, from harnesses to accessories. Alternatively, please feel free to contact a member of the EzyDog team here.

Does Zero Shock Technology stop my dog from pulling?

No. Although it may be marketed by some distributors to ‘stop dogs pulling’, we do not adhere to this statement. Zero Shock Technology has been meticulously designed to reduce the tension created through a forceful movement by your dog.

Does EzyDog make products to help train dogs?

Yes. We understand it can be difficult with constant pulling, chewing or general disobedience, that’s why we’ve carefully designed products to help you and your dog understand each other. You can click here to see our essential training products, with a range of leads, harnesses, collars and accessories.

Can I use EzyDog products with other brands products?

Yes. All of EzyDog products are designed to be used universally and with other brands products. However, there are times when this isn’t the case, and we can’t promise that all products are compatible. All EzyDog products are designed to work with each other.

Do EzyDog harnesses restrict my dogs movement?

No. All EzyDog has been designed to not alter the movement of your dog's natural walking pattern. We understand that sometimes, mistakes can be made when purchasing the right size for your dog, that’s why we include a free returns label inside every dispatched order.

I’ve changed my mind about a product I ordered, can I return it?

Yes. You will have 30 days from the original purchase date to return the product to us. Upon receiving the returned product you will be issued a full refund which can take up to 7 working days. We recommend carefully trying on your new EzyDog products indoors, keeping the packaging intact, before taking it outside. Click here for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: All returned items must be clean and free of dog hair and dirt, they must also be in new condition. Items must have been purchased from, items that are not purchased directly from www.ezydog.co.uk must be returned to the original place of purchase.

Can I return a product if I’ve used it?

No. We are unable to accept products that have been used, as they will not be in a resalable condition.

Can I exchange a product?

Yes. We can offer exchanges on items. However, the original purchased item must be returned first, to return a product, please follow the return process here. Then place a new order for the item(s) you would like to purchase. When we have received the original product(s), we will then go ahead and refund from the or the original payment option.

Do EzyDog life jackets prevent my dog from drowning?

No. Our unique ultra-buoyancy foam is strategically positioned around the vest of your dog in a natural swimming position and will float at all times. However, it is imperative for your dog to kick in the water at all times as movement is necessary. For added protection, there is a grab handle for owners to use in case of emergencies.

Can Dogs Swim In A Life Jacket?

Yes. EzyDog’s life jackets are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably around your dog’s body, allowing them the range of movement they need to be able to swim comfortably, and more importantly, safely.

Should Dog Life Jackets Be Tight?

No. They should be fitted to your dog snugly, but not too tightly they restrict your dog’s movement. A good test for this is taking two fingers and making sure you can easily run them between the straps and your dog.

Do I have a warranty when I buy a product?

Yes. EzyDog guarantees all products at the time of purchase against material and manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months. This does not include any of the following: chewing, abuse, dirt or dog hair. The decision on potential defects is at the discretion of EzyDog.

If you experience a problem with a product purchased via the UK EzyDog website, we may ask you to provide full details together with a picture showing the defective issue(s). Please send to: info@ezydog.co.uk with the subject line being your order number.

If you experience a problem with a product purchased from one of our suppliers, please return the item to the original place of purchase. If the store is not local to you or it is not convenient to return the item in person, the store should be able to handle your query via post. If you require any help obtaining contact details, please let us know.

Does EzyDog offer discount codes?

Yes. However, we do not provide codes upon request. We do however have sales throughout the year. There is a 10% discount code for first time customers, for Blue Light Card or Student discount, please contact marketing@ezydog.co.uk. PLEASE NOTE: multiple codes may not be used in the same order, one code per order.

Does EzyDog offer NHS/Blue Light Card & Student Discount?

Yes. Please contact marketing@ezydog.co.uk with the subject line "EZYDOG BLC & Student Discount Request". PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to verify personal email addresses, typically BLC email addresses are as follows: jane.doe@nhs.net or janedoe@nhs.net, or students emails will end in .ac.uk. If your personal email is linked to your BLC, we will ask for an image of the physical card (name present) or screenshot via the BLC digital wallet app. Please allow up to 7 working days to receive your personal discount code.

Does EzyDog UK ship to the EU?

No. We ship to: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Guernsey and Jersey.

I’m not sure how to fit my dog to some products, is there anywhere I can find a fitting guide?

Yes. On all products that are worn by your dog e.g. harness or collar, there will be a fitting guide that will ask you some basic information about your dogs weight, girth and length to ensure the correct size is allocated to your dog.

On most products there will be a sizing and fitting tab where you can view each product and its relevant sizing.

Are all EzyDog harnesses Rule 57 compliant of the highway code?

No. Only our Drive Harness is Rule 57 compliant. Check out our video here to see our crash tested harness.

Is there free delivery on all orders?

Yes. All of our orders have free shipping with an estimated arrival time between 2–5 working days. PLEASE NOTE: Our advised delivery time is 2-5 working days however orders may take up to 10 working days. We cannot re-send anything until it was been 10 working days from despatch date.

Does EzyDog offer next day delivery?

Yes. The tracked option at checkout is a 24 hour service. All orders placed before midday are sent the same day. Orders placed after this will be sent the next working day.

What is upgrade delivery?

Upgraded delivery is our tracked option. Orders over £50 are eligible to receive this benefit. We use Royal Mail Tracked 24 Hour service, which can take up to 1-3 business working days, however orders may take up to 5-10 working days. We cannot re-send anything until it has been 10 working days from despatch date. All orders placed before midday are sent the same day. Orders placed after this will be sent the next working day.

I’ve made a mistake to my order, can I amend it?

Yes. Please email us at info@ezydog.co.uk with your: name, order number, contact details and what is wrong with your order. We process orders as soon as we get them, therefore you will have a limited time (usually 1 hour) to get back in contact with us so we can rectify your order.

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