Dog Leads

Dog Leads

Find the perfect dog lead for every occasion – whether you're training your puppy and need close control, you're heading out for your morning jog and need a hands-free lead, or you need a long leash for teaching your furry friend to come back when you call their name (eventually). We choose products that are comfortable in your hand, reduce shock for your dog's comfort, and bring a touch of style to your walk time. Shop EzyDog UK’s complete collection of dog leads today.

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Dog Leads for any Breed & Size

Shop our complete range of leads for dogs, designed to fit all breeds and all lifestyles. Our range includes hands-free leads for running, shock-absorbing leads for improved comfort, leather leads for style and durability, and everything in between. Our leads are tried and loved by dogs and their owners worldwide.

Why choose EzyDog UK?

We design our dog leads to provide ultimate comfort, style, and safety. We have been making leads, collars, and harnesses since 1995 and have always focused on bringing our customers products that are tough-wearing and long-lasting. We use premium manufacturing methods and carefully selected raw materials to offer you a range of dog leads you can rely on.

Do dogs have to be on a lead in the UK?

Whilst there isn’t a single law that says your dog has to be on a lead, local authorities can issue a Public Spaces Protection Order or Dog Control Order. These bye-laws require you to keep your dog on a lead in certain areas. These areas can include children's play areas, roads, sporting grounds, public parks, and beaches. If in doubt, it’s best to check your local council website or read the UK government guidance.

What is a slip lead for dogs?

A slip lead is a lead and collar combination that, as the name implies, slips over the head of your dog and rests on their neck. They are designed to tighten when your dog pulls and loosen when they’re close. Some slip leads can tighten indefinitely which makes them better suited to dogs that are trained to not pull on their lead. The EzyDog Luca slip lead is fitted with a metal slider so you can control how much it tightens for soft checking during training. 

Are leads or harnesses better for dogs?

Sometimes we are asked this question but in practice, you can't compare the two. A lead will always attach to either a harness or a collar, so the real question is are collars or dog harnesses better for your dog? The answer to that is a more nuanced and whether you opt for a dog harness or a collar, you will still need a high-quality dog lead to attach to it.

Generally speaking, harnesses will always provide more support than a collar because they fasten more securely and cover more of your dog, dispersing the pressure over a bigger surface area. Our chest plate harness blends comfort and support to distribute the load. While harnesses may be better for pressure, dog collars are the easiest way to identify your dog and often have space to attach an ID tag, which is required by law. We recommend having both for the best combination of dog safety and comfort.

How long should a dog lead be?

The most common length for a dog lead is 6ft. This should give your dog plenty of room to roam while still giving you the control to keep them safe. This length also helps prevent your lead from dragging on the floor and getting caught up in your dog’s legs. Ultimately, the length of lead you will need will depend on the job you want it to do. That’s why we offer training leads, shock-absorbing leads, running leads, and leads for small dogs.

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