Dog Backpacks

Dog Backpacks

Level up you and your dog's next outdoor adventures with an EzyDog dog backpack. Our rucksacks for dogs are designed with comfort and convenience in mind, using use soft and breathable materials to keep them happy on long walks or hikes. Reflective trims ensure your dog is easily seen in lower light conditions, and waterproof pockets keep all of your belongings dry. Free up your hands by storing water bottles, poop bags, travel toys, and snacks in our handy dog backpacks!

Are dog backpacks a good idea?

Yes, dog backpacks can be great for active pups! They provide enrichment, help carry gear on hikes, and even distribute weight for improved balance.

Is a dog backpack better exercise than walking your dog without one?

Backpacks can add a little bit of extra resistance for more exercise, but make sure to take your vet’s advice before before using them for extended periods.

How much weight can my dog carry?

A good rule of thumb is 10-25% of your dog's body weight, but like anything, some dogs will be able to manage more, and some dogs less. Start light and gradually increase weight to see how your dog adjusts.

Do dog backpacks help with anxiety?

Carrying a backpack can provide a sense of purpose and focus, potentially calming anxious dogs and helping them burn through their excess energy faster.

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