Drive with peace of mind and keep your furry friend safe with EzyDog UK's range of Seat Belts. From booster seats for clear road views to secure harness restraints, our collection ensures your dog's comfort and compliance with safety standards on every journey. Find the perfect travel solution for your dog today.

Drive Car Booster Seat

The Drive™ Booster Seat is perfect for traveling with your dog. Providing adjustable elevation for a clear view and reducing motion sickness, it ensures your pet's comfort and safety. With easy fitting to any car seat, your pet will enjoy the ride in comfort and style.

Travel in Safety with Your Dog

Designed for dog safety, the Drive™ Booster Seat attaches securely to your car seat and harness, minimizing distractions while driving. Features include storage compartments, padded edges for comfort, and a washable inner liner for easy maintenance.

How to Fit Your Drive Booster Seat

Learn how to properly fit your Drive Booster Seat for safe and comfortable travels with your dog, watch the 'How to Fit' video here.

Dog Seat Belt Restraint

The EzyDog Seat Belt Restraint keeps your dog secure in one place during car journeys, preventing distractions and ensuring compliance with road safety regulations. Designed for compatibility with all EzyDog harnesses, it offers a safe and comfortable travel experience for your furry friend.

Keep Your Dog Safe on the Road

The Seat Belt Restraint attaches to your dog's harness, preventing them from climbing over passengers and minimizing driver distraction. Made from durable webbing and featuring easy attachment, it provides peace of mind during car rides.

ISOFIX Dog Seat Belt

The Click ISOFIX Dog Seat Belt from EzyDog offers adjustable restraint that clicks into the ISOFIX connection port of your car. Designed to prevent driver distraction and keep your dog secure, it's a simple and effective solution for safe travels.

Secure Travel with Your Dog

The Click ISOFIX Restraint uses strong and durable seat belt webbing to ensure your dog's safety during car rides. With two versions available based on the location of the ISOFIX socket, it offers flexibility and peace of mind on the road.

How to Fit Your ISOFIX Dog Seat Belt

Ensure safe travels with your dog by learning how to properly fit your Click ISOFIX Dog Seat Belt. Watch the 'How to Fit' video here.

Click Dog Seat Belt

The EzyDog Click Dog Car Restraint provides a simple and effective way to keep your dog safely restrained during car rides. With its adjustable length and compatibility with all EzyDog harnesses, it offers flexibility and peace of mind on the road.

Stay Safe on the Road

Designed to prevent driver distraction and ensure compliance with road safety regulations, the Click Dog Seat Belt is an essential accessory for car travels with your dog. Learn how to properly fit it by watching our instructional video.

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