Can I Recycle My EzyDog Products?

Yes! When your EzyDog products can’t handle another mile, roll in the mud or beach adventure, we want them back. We recycle and donate used products. It’s part of our move to being carbon neutral and zero waste. Not only that, but we want your doggo to look like a Rockstar in their new sets! That’s why we’re giving you 35% off your order when you send us your old gear!

How Does It Work?

It's Simple! Click here to download the EzyDog Recycling form, print it off, fill out the requested information, and include it in the package with the product or products you are sending back to us. Please allow up-to 10 working days from receipt to receive your one-time use discount code via email.

What Can I Return?

We are accepting EzyDog products only. Please make sure your products are in a sanitary condition, and have been washed before returning. Please note if your item(s) are not in this condition they will be rejected and disposed of with no discount code supplied.

Where Do I Send My Parcel?


Town & Country Covers Ltd,

Nevil Shute Road,



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