The EzyDog Double Up Collar offers double the strength with its two stainless steel D-rings. Made from soft touch webbing for comfort, it includes reflective stitching for night safety and an accessory D-ring for ID tags.

Discover the EzyDog Double Up Collar

The EzyDog Double Up Collar offers double the security and strength with its innovative design featuring two stainless steel D-rings. Made from our proprietary soft touch webbing, this collar prioritises both durability and your dog's comfort.

Double the Strength, Double the Security

Attach your lead to both stainless steel D-rings for added peace of mind, distributing the pull and force from your dog. With the pressure taken away from the easy access buckle, this collar ensures maximum security during walks and adventures.

Comfort and Safety Combined

The soft touch webbing provides a comfortable fit for your furry friend, while the reflective stitching enhances visibility for nighttime walks. Additionally, the accessory D-ring allows for easy attachment of ID tags, ensuring your dog is always identifiable.

How to Fit Your EzyDog Double Up Collar

Watch our instructional video to learn how to properly fit your EzyDog Double Up Collar for maximum comfort and effectiveness during walks and adventures. Watch the 'How to Fit' video here.

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