Explore the next generation of shock-absorbing leads with our Zero Shock Bungee Dog Leads at EzyDog UK. Our innovative Zero Shock technology minimises shocks to you and your dog during sudden stops or changes of direction, providing safe and comfortable walks. Available in 25", 48", and 48" LITE versions, our shock-absorbing leads are designed for training, running, and everyday use. Choose from our extensive colour selection, including our luxury range, denim, black denim and corduroy.

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Introducing Zero Shock Bungee Dog Leads

Our Zero Shock collection of dog leads features shock-absorbing technology built-in, minimising any shocks to you and your dog during walks. This innovative technology helps provide safe and comfortable walks by causing the leads to extend and soften when jolted. Whether you're training, running, or simply walking your dog, our Zero Shock Bungee Dog Leads offer the ultimate in control and comfort.

Features of Zero Shock Bungee Dog Leads

Zero Shock Technology

The advanced shock-absorbing component in the centre of the lead cushions and eases the pressure for both you and your dog, ensuring a smoother walking experience.

Super Soft Material

Crafted from our proprietary blend of super soft, double-density nylon, our leads are incredibly durable and a pleasure to hold. Reflective trim enhances visibility in low light, while the soft neoprene lining in the handle provides added comfort.

Traffic Control Handle

An extra handle positioned near your dog's collar offers quick and secure control when required, giving you added peace of mind during walks in busy areas.

Upgrade your walking experience with the best bungee dog leads featuring Zero Shock technology from EzyDog UK.

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