Discover the X-Link harness, designed with front and rear leash attachment points to aid in training and standard walking. Easily switch between the front clip for training and the rear D-ring for regular walks. Enjoy comfortable outings with your dog while maintaining control and versatility without the need for multiple harnesses.

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Discover the X-Link Harness

The X-Link harness revolutionizes your dog walking experience with its versatile design and thoughtful features. With front and rear lead attachment points, it offers flexibility for both training and standard walks, ensuring better control and comfort for you and your furry friend.

Train and Walk with Confidence

With the front attachment point, the X-Link harness aids in training, discouraging pulling behavior and promoting better lead manners. Easily switch to the rear D-ring for regular walks, allowing your dog to enjoy a comfortable stroll by your side while you maintain control.

Comfort and Safety Combined

The X-Link harness prioritises your dog's comfort with features like ergonomic arched D-Rings, an elastic girth strap to ease pressure on the belly, and adjustable webbing for dogs of any size. Additionally, its reflective piping ensures visibility during nighttime walks, enhancing safety for you and your pet.

How to Fit Your X-Link Harness

Watch our instructional video to learn how to properly fit your X-Link harness for maximum comfort and effectiveness in training and walks. Watch the 'How to Fit' video here.

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