A lead for running with your dog can be a transformative tool, both fantastic for building your own fitness and bonding with your dog outside. Whether you need a long hands-free dog running lead, something short to keep your dog by your side, or a coupler to hit the park run with two dogs at once, we have the perfect lead for you. Now go and play.

What is a running lead for dogs

A dog running lead is typically a hands-free lead made for joggers and runners who enjoy taking their dogs out with them while they exercise. Having your hands free while running allows greater freedom of movement whilst maintaining control of your dog. They are often worn around the waist or attached to the runner’s body using a fixation point.

The main features of leads for running with dogs

Hands-free design

This is the main identifier of a dog running lead.

Bungee system (like EzyDog’s patented Zero Shock technology)

Having an elasticated system similar to EzyDog’s Zero Shock technology helps absorb the impact and shock commonly associated with running, making a more comfortable run for both you and your dog.

Adjustable Length

Being able to adjust the length of your leads allows you to find your own comfortable distance from your dog when running – too close and you may trip over them, too far and you start to lose control over them.

Safety Features

Safety features found in our dog running leads include reflective webbing, shock absorption, tethering capabilities, and D-ring and barrel locks for accessories.

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