The right dog training lead is a crucial tool when it comes to training your dog. Some owners may need shorter leads to train their bigger dogs to stay by their side, and some owners may need longer needs to work on their dogs’ recall. Whatever your requirements, EzyDog have a training lead for you. Our range comes in a variety of colours and sizes to fit all dogs and styles. Free UK shipping on all orders.

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What is a dog training Lead

A dog training lead is a tool used in dog training and is often used to provide additional control and flexibility during sessions teaching your dog obedience and recall. It is typically either a long and durable lead, like our Track ‘n’ Train lead, used for teaching recall, or it is a short, strong lead used for larger dogs to teach them to stay by your side.

The uses of a training lead

Recall training

Training your dog to come back when called is vital, but as most dog-owners come to learn, it can be frustrating and even dangerous. If your dog doesn’t come back, you run the risk of your dog running out of sight or having encounters with other dogs who may not be friendly. A long lead allows you to train recall while maintaining complete control. You can simply tell your dog to stay, walk as far away as your lead allows, then practice calling your dog back.

Close Control

Close control training for dogs involves teaching them to walk or stay close to you without pulling on the lead. It's a core part of teaching your dog manners on the lead and ensures that the dog remains under control in different situations, such as walks in crowded areas or when encountering other dogs or distractions


Training leads provide a way to keep your dog sage and prevent them from running into potentially dangerous situations, such as traffic or other hazards.

Controlled socialisation

Training leads allow your dog to interact with other dogs while maintaining a safe distance and being able to pull them away if necessary.

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