New Year, New You, Shop Smart From The Start – Puppy Essentials

New Year, New You, Shop Smart From The Start – Puppy Essentials

At EzyDog, we are committed to ensuring that your journey with your new furry friend starts off on the right paw! Our range of puppy essentials is designed to provide the best for your adorable companion, ensuring their safety, comfort, and your peace of mind. Plus, with our 1-year Product Guarantee*, you can embark on every puppy milestone with confidence.

EzyDog's Pawsitively Perfect Picks:

Top Reflective Dog Leads

1. Chest Plate Harness: - The key to full support and control, the Chest Plate Harness is gentle on your puppy's developing body. The padded chest plate evenly distributes leash pressure, reducing strain on the neck and back. Easily adjustable for a snug and secure fit, it's the perfect companion for your growing pup.

2. Zero Shock LITE Lead: – For training sessions with your energetic bundle of joy, our recommended lead is the Soft Trainer LITE. Strong yet lightweight, it provides the necessary control while allowing your puppy to move freely – the ideal tool for teaching them the ropes.

3. Click Dog Seat Belt: – Essential for safe car rides, the Click Dog Seat Belt keeps your new puppy secure and prevents injuries from unexpected breaking and movement. Ensure your little one travels in comfort and safety.

4. Snakpak Dog Treat Bag: – Make training sessions a breeze with the Snakpak dog treat bag. Designed for easy and convenient access to treats, its magnetic closure simplifies opening and closing, making it an invaluable tool for outings and training.

Chest Plate Harness Zero Shock LITE Lead Click Dog Seat Belt Snakpak Dog Treat Bag

Your Puppy's First Weeks - Tips for Success:

Before bringing your puppy home, ensure a safe environment by puppy-proofing your space. Store away anything that could pose a risk, such as electrical wires and cleaning supplies. Create a calm atmosphere in your home during their first week, focusing on toilet training, supervised exploration, and providing a secure sleep space.

Visiting the Vet and Puppy Nutrition:

Within days of welcoming your puppy, schedule a vet appointment for immunisations and a health exam. Start feeding them the right food at the right time, as advised by your veterinarian. Remember to microchip and register your furry friend with the local council, meeting legal requirements.

Exercise, Training, and Socialisation:

For exercise and training, engage your puppy indoors before they can venture outside post-vaccination. Gradually increase their walking time based on their age. Socialisation is crucial between 3 and 17 weeks, so introduce your puppy to safe, healthy, and vaccinated dogs. Consider enrolling in puppy classes for skills development and socialisation.

Addressing Behavioural Problems:

Prepare your puppy for a lifetime of good behaviour by encouraging positive habits early on. Handle their mouth, gums, feet, and teeth regularly. Combat teething with safe chew toys and redirect any unwanted chewing to their toys. For behavioural challenges, such as jumping or biting, consistent training and positive reinforcement will set the foundation for a well-behaved furry friend.

Embark on this exciting journey with your new puppy equipped with the best essentials from EzyDog, ensuring a harmonious and happy life together. Happy training!

*EzyDog will gladly accept returns for items that are in an 'as new' condition within 30 days from the date of purchase. The items must be new in appearance and free from hair and dirt. Items must have been purchased directly from Items not purchased directly from must be returned to the original place of purchase.

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