Do dogs need a life jacket?

Do Dogs Need A Life Jacket?

Some dogs are natural swimmers and have no difficulty in the water, while others may struggle or tire easily. However strong of a swimmer your dog is, you may be asking the question "does my dog need a life jacket?". The answer to this depends on your dog (which you know best) and the circumstances you’re in. Certain breeds with shorter legs or heavy body structures may face challenges staying afloat compared to bigger dogs. Additionally, if you plan on engaging in water activities with your dog, such as boating or swimming in open water, a life jacket can provide an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.

Ultimately, the decision to use a life jacket for your dog should be based on their swimming abilities, the specific water activity, and your comfort level. It is always better to focus on your dog’s ultimate safety when out and about in the water.

When looking for a life jacket for your dog, make sure it has adequate buoyancy, is brightly coloured for visibility, and has a handle for safety purposes. Since 1996, we’ve pioneered the industry in water safety for dogs, which have been designed to always provide an ergonomic and secure fit.

Benefits of Using a Dog Life jacket

Your dog can swim for longer

Anyone that has a dog knows they will want to continue playing long after they start to get tired – which in the water can be dangerous. By supporting your dog’s chest and providing extra buoyancy, dog life jackets can take off some of the load and allow your dog to swim for extended periods of time.


Dog life jackets often have convenient grab handles so you can lift your dog out of the water in a flash if you need to or guide them in the right direction. Most importantly though, they keep your dog above water.


The reflective material and bright colours found on dog life jackets means your dog is easier to spot in the water, for both you and others. Having this extra visibility means they’re safer from getting accidentally struck by people on boats and jet skis.

Can allow dogs that aren’t strong swimmers to enjoy the water

Does your dog lack confidence in the water? Maybe a bit of extra buoyancy is all they need to allow them to experience things they wouldn’t usually feel comfortable doing. A bit of that extra confidence can also be transferred into swimming lessons in the future if they get used to being comfortable in the water.

What Life jackets does EzyDog offer,
and which ones is best for my dog?

Standard DFD

When selecting a life jacket for your dog, it’s crucial to prioritise quality and safety. We offer two distinct styles of dog life jackets: the DFD standard and the DFD X2 Boost. Our standard DFD, short for Doggy Floatation Device, is ideal for large and medium-sized, providing them with the freedom to swim comfortably. The DFD features our ultra-buoyancy foam, which has been strategically placed to maintain your dog’s natural swimming position, instilling unwavering assurance during water activities. With unrestricted movement and effortless fastening, our DFD provides absolute peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy water adventures with complete confidence. The standard DFD also comes in Micro.

Our ergonomic grab handle allows for effortless lifting and guiding of your dog in and out of the water, providing a strong and reliable grip. Padded chest straps not only maximise comfort but also ensure even pressure distribution, minimising any potential discomfort. The super strong Nylon D-Ring is incorporated into the DFD’s design, guaranteeing secure transportation, and added peace of mind.

Available In
Red Yellow


Ergonomic grab handle

Unique Ultra-Buoyancy Foam ensures that your dog will always float

Padded chest straps

Super Strong Nylon D-Ring to transport and secure your dog

Stainless Steel D-Ring which will never rust

Size Guide

DFD X2 Boost

The EzyDog DFD X2 Boost is the second generation of our best-selling life jacket. It offers the same buoyancy but comes with a more streamlined ergonomic fit. Whether you’re teaching your dog to swim or using it as a safety precaution, the DFD X2 Boost will help your dog stay safe around the water.

The DFD X2 Boost is designed to fit comfortably around every dog breed, with panels that tape to the shape of their torso. It features ultra-buoyant foam (PE Foam), which has been precisely positioned throughout the vest, including beneath the dog’s tummy, to keep them upright and swimming in a natural and comfortable position. Unlike other vests, our products do not restrict your dog’s movement and can be easily fastened or removed.

For rapid control of your dog, the DFD X2 Boost includes a neoprene grab handle, with reflective piping being streamlined throughout for increased visibility. The innovative neck adjustment incorporates buoyant foam to keep your dog’s head above water. Additionally, there is a light attachment point on the back of the life jacket specifically designed for the connection of our 100% waterproof lights, ensuring maximum visibility in the water.

Available In
Red Yellow Blue Pink


Streamlined & ergonomic fit

Unique Ultra-Buoyancy Foam distributed evenly and under the dog’s belly

Top Collar adjustment allowing maximum adjust and buoyancy to neck and head

Neoprene grab handle

Durable 1680 Denier Nylon which is easy to clean, removing dirt and salt residue

Reflective piping for high visibility for all situations

Safety Light Attachment

Size Guide
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